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Jun 26th
Dear Dr. Joy, I thank you so much fo PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 22 August 2009 17:24
Dear Dr. Joy, I thank you so much for your clarifications. My story (Breaking News, Vol. 3, No. 17) stands by itself. Your explanations are basically in the story already. I had sought comments from the parties (Greg Macabenta and his partner Lorna Dietz) before I wrote the story and they opted to stay mum. Well, that's a chance they forfeited. While I appreciate your explanations (e.g. Macabenta's professional dealings with Wells Fargo), they amount to no more than hearsay . . . unless of course you have become his spokesperson authorized by him personally and by NaFFAA officially. If you notice, I didn't rely much on what you wrote because my primary and unimpeachable source for that story was the president himself of Wells Fargo Foundation. I quoted you extensively on your own personal comments which was perhaps based on your experience with NaFFAA. But if Macabenta and his partner Dietz will speak out on behalf of themselves then I would probably do another story to put more clarity on the issues. It's their choice again to stay silent. I also want to get their explanation on why the $300,000 money grant was being tied u p by Dietz with the money problems of Filipinas magazine. What's the connection? Is Dietz privy to critical information that you and I and the rest of NaFFAA didn't know but spoken only in private, intimate settings? I agree with you, "let the public know the real truth". Towards that goal, this discussion should continue. It'll take some time to flush out the truth specially if the subjects of the story have already stonewalled. Thanks again and best regards, Romy Marquez

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