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Oct 20th
Dear Friend: Ms. Winnie Monsod's anal PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 12 February 2010 14:25
Dear Friend: Ms. Winnie Monsod's analysis of the C-5 Road Brouhaha has been found to have carried a lot of errors and presumptions, as explained in these articles: 1.0 Manny Villar’s Lawyer Points to Columnist Solita Monsod Errors in her January 30th Column URL: 2.0 Five Points that Solita Monsod Fails to Discuss in Her “C-5” Article Critical of Manny Villar URL: 3.0 The political enemies of Sen. Manny Villar have been spreading outright lies. 3.1 Aside from those pointed out in the two above-stated articles, the rumor mongers have been saying that Senator Villar pocketed more-than six-billion pesos from the C-5 project. 3.1.1 In fact the land that belonged to Mr. Villar's real-estate company was valued only at 168.10-million pesos, and which to date has not even paid by the Department of Public Works and Highways. The entire cost of the project is 6.96-billion pesos and no one, not even Gloria and Mike Arroyo can steal 100% of a public-works' project. You have to read other viewpoints and not just accept as the gospel truth the opinion of Ms. Monsod, who is a rabid Aquino supporter, having been appointed as a Cabinet member (as NEDA Secretary) during President Corry Aquino's administration. For the record, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes Editor In a message dated 2/12/2010 1:50:09 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, gemini4807@com writes: Dear Bobby Ang explanation lang naman na hinihinggi sa kanya ay ang sagutin niya ang tungkol sa C-5 project. Alam ng tao na mayaman siya, pero sa kabila nito parang lumalabas ng nakuha pa rin niya na mag-corrupt. Sagutin sana niya ng maayos ang mga analyses ni Winnie Monsod. Nakakatakot na kasi. Lahat na halos ng nahalal sa tungkulin ay puro pagnanakaw ang ginagawa. Pasama nang pasama situation sa Pinas. Tuwing uuwi ako papangit ng papangit ang nakikita kong tanawain, services etc,etc. Parang wala nang pag asa ang bayang natin.
This is a comment on "Five Points that Solita Monsod Fails to Discuss in Her “C-5” Article Critical of Manny Villar"

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