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Oct 06th
Dear Friends: Please let me know by PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby Reyes   
Saturday, 29 August 2009 13:35
Dear Friends: Please let me know by return e-mail if you are really members of the NaFFAA National Board, so that I can include you in the List of Respondents and/or Defendants in the Complaints that I am filing with the Criminal Prosecution Division of the IRS, the United States Department of Justice for violation of the RICO Act and the California Attorney General. I wanted only to name the present and former National Executive Officers (NEOs) in my complaints but if you really believe that no financial irregularity happened in the NaFFAA, then please feel free to join the NEOs as defendants and/or respondents in the coming lawsuits. The NaFFAA motto is "All for one, one for all," right? What you are doing is probably committing the act of "cover up" and/or "obstruction of justice," knowing fully well that there are complaints about to filed with federal and state officials and still you chose to ignore the irregularities that have been unearthed. You and your assets can be in jeopardy if the authorities decide to file the cases in a Criminal and/or Civil Grand Jury. No state or national chairperson emeritus will be included in my complaints except Alex Esclamado, Loida Nicolas Lewis and Alma Q. Kern. However, if any chairperson emeritus wants to join the three as co-defendants or co-respondents and/or as co-conspirators in the conspiracy to violate the RICO Law, then please inform me. Please provide also your address, so that the issuance of summons could be facilitated. If you think that I am bluffing, then please call the bluff. Let us see who blinks first. You may send to me a private e-mail if you do not want to be bothered and be named in my complaints. Otherwise, please start to raise a modest legal-defense fund and bail-bond money. I will keep any correspondence confidential and not share it with any e-group or e-forum or much more publish it in our website. In fact, I urge you to resign right now from the NaFFAA National Board to avoid any part in the coming investigation and lawsuits. I respectfully urge you -- if you did not participate in the looting of the NaFFAA treasury or did not join the conspiracy to defraud the federation of any of its revenues -- to please stay out of this "fight to the finish." You may not have the time and the resources to tide you over, especially if you will be accused by the People of the United States in a federal criminal case. So, please think carefully if the defending the NaFFAA alleged crooks is in your best interest and that of your family. Several of those named in Mr. Melegrito's list have signified already their intention to turn state witnesses. So, caveat emptor. The list is as follows (as it appears in the instant press release by Mr. Melegrito): QUOTE. Michelle Abad, New York, Region 1 Youth Chair Amy Agbayani, Honolulu, Region 10 Nony Abrajano, Hampton Roads, Va., Region 2 Chair Roger Alama, New York, Region 1 Vice Chair Dely Alcantara, Albuquerque, NM., Region 6 Chair Emeritus Tess Atayde, Seattle, Wash., Region 7 Chair Norma Benson, Houston, TX.,Region 6 Chair Marites ‘Bing’ Cardenas Branigin, Reston, Va., Media & PR Director Joy Bruce, Miami, Fl., Region 4 Chair Emeritus, Exec. Dir. NANAY Inc. Gloria T. Caoile, Springfield, Va., National Vice Chair Emeritus Martin Celemin, Las Vegas, NV. Region 10 Chair Jerry Clarito, Chicago, Ill., National Director for Legislative Affairs Ludy Corrales, New Jersey, National Treasurer Val F. Dagani, Jr.. Orlando, Fl..Council of Filipino-American Organzations Lorna Dietz, Chicago, Ill. National Director for Online Communications Marilyn Doromal, Atlanta, GA., Region 4 Chair Luly Esclamado, North Carolina, National Director for Program & Development Mariella Fletcher, Seattle, Wash., Region 7 Vice Chair Alma Kern, Seattle, Wash., National Chair Emeritus Rozita Lee, Las Vegas, NV., National Vice Chair J.T. Mallonga, New York, Region 1 Chair Jon Melegrito, Washington, D.C. National Communications Director Loida Nicolas Lewis, New York, National Chair Emeritus Ed Navarra, Detroit, Michigan. Region 3 Chair Flor Obana, Denver, Colo., Region 5 Chair Jose Pecho, San Francisco, Calif., Region 8 Chair Ernie Ramos, Miami, Florida, Region 5 Chair Emeritus Sluggo Rigor, Seattle, Wash., Region 7 Chair Emeritus Rodel Rodis, San Francisco, Ca. Region 8 Chair Emeritus Merit Salud, New York, Region 1 Co-Chair, FilAmVote Marlene Stern, Connecticut State Chair, Region 1 Reuben S. Seguritan, New York, General Counsel Bart Tubalinal, Chicago, Ill., Auditor & Parliamentarian, Region 3 Yoly Tubalinal, Chicago, Ill., Region 3, 2004 NaFFAA Convention Co-Chair UNQUOTE. And finally, the CPA firm, A. F. Paredes & Co., will be included in the complaint for it was the NaFFAA Treasurer, Lourdes Corrales, who selected it, knowing that one of the principals is also her friend and auditor for her real-estate and mortgage business. There is a legal conflict of interest. As in Enron and WorldCom, the external auditors could be made one of the defendants, fined and/or imprisoned. So, please do not trust the words of A. F. Paredes & Co. For your information and guidance. Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes Whistle Blower and Editor, In a message dated 8/28/2009 12:43:31 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, JONMELE writes: National Federation of Filipino American Associations Washington D.C. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 28, 2009 Contact: Jon Melegrito, 202-361-0296 NAFFAA AFFIRMS ORGANIZATION’S FISCAL INTEGRITY, RESOLVES TO PRESS ON WITH EMPOWERMENT AGENDA (Snipped)

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