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Oct 31st
Dear Ms. Marie: Our columnist, former PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 22 October 2009 08:52
Dear Ms. Marie: Our columnist, former BOI Gov. Ben Sanchez, reproduced the same essay but the purported author, Ms. Remedios C. Paningbatan, denied in the User's Comments Section that she wrote it. You can read Governor Sanchez's column by clicking this hyperlink: There Are Still “Filipinos who Dream of Something Better for the Philippines” URL: Thank you for your e-mail. God bless you, your family, Governor Sanchez and Ms. Remedios Paningbatan, Mabuhay, Bobby M. Reyes Editor In a message dated 10/22/2009 4:10:55 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, marie_diego@ writes: just want to share this inspiring letter written by a brave Filipina who loves her country so much... may it encourage us to do greater things, first to God, and second to our country. why God first? Because when please God and make Him our No. 1, honoring HIm with our lives and living for Him, God releases His favors and blessings abundantly, more than we can ever ask or imagine. And God heals and prospers our land! God bless! To all Filipinos Everywhere: I used to think that corruption and criminality in the Philippines were caused by poverty. But recent events tell me this isn't true. It is one thing to see people turn into drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves and murderers because of hunger and poverty, but what excuse do these rich, educated people have that could possibly explain their bizarre behavior? And to think I was always so relieved when petty snatchers got caught and locked away in jail because I never fully realized that the big time thieves were out there, making the laws and running our country. Can it get any worse than this? Every night, I come home and am compelled to turn on my tv to watch the latest turn of events. I am mesmerized by these characters. They are not men. They are caricatures of men - too unreal to be believable and too bad to be real. To see these "honorable" crooks lambast each other, call each one names, look each other in the eye and accuse the other of committing the very same crimes that they themselves are guilty of, is so comical and appalling that I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It is entertainment at its worst! <> Remedios C. Paningbatan Administrative Officer Office of the General Counsel Asian Development Bank Tel (632) 632-4248

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