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Jun 10th
Dear Ms. Michelle: 1.0 We have tak PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 19 November 2009 10:18
Dear Ms. Michelle: 1.0 We have taken the initiative of printing in our website your press release, as found below. We, however, put in a slanted title, to wit: International-teacher Exchanges: MPI Overlooks Inadvertently Filipino Teachers in USA (New Title Written by Bobby Reyes) URL: 2.0 We took also the initiative of reproducing not only the links to the MPI publications but also to these articles, as found in this note from the editor: Editor’s Note: It seems that this instant MPI study overlooked (pun intended) the growing number of “imported” Filipino teachers. To read related articles about teachers from the Philippines being hired in the United States, please click on the following links: 200 Filipino Teachers in Louisiana Bilked of Excessive Recruiting Fees, Complaint Alleges (By Joseph G. Lariosa) The “Thomasite” Teachers Are Indeed Back in America (article reproduces complete story of Ms. Teresa Watanabe in the Los Angeles Times, Filipino teachers exchange homeland for jobs in America) 2.1 We are providing Ms. Teresa Watanabe the courtesy of a CC, as we reproduced again the link to her original story. Perhaps Ms. Teresa may like to write a follow-up article on the Filipino teachers in the USA, using the MPI study on international teacher exchanges as additional reference material. 2.2 We are also providing a CC to Art Pacho, Ph.D., a former president, and one of the pillars, of the Filipino-American Educators' Association of Southern CA, in the hope that he and his esteemed colleagues in California's school districts can provide more studies to both Ms. Watanabe and the MPI. 2.3 Finally, we are providing a CC also to Joseph G. Lariosa, the Chicago-based dean of Filipino correspondents in the United States, who wrote of the write-ups mentioned in this said instant article. We mean no disrespect to the MPI for changing the title but we did the slant so that the article can catch the attention of most of our Overseas-Filipino and Filipino readers. Thank you again, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Teresa, Dr. Pacho and Mr. Lariosa for you time and cooperation. Mabuhay, Bobby M. Reyes Editor

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