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Oct 01st
Dear Pinoys for Noynoy, First of all PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 15 February 2010 14:27
Dear Pinoys for Noynoy, First of all, thanks for reading my story and for your comment. If you and your friends had read my story, then it's not only me that reads my own story, as y'all claimed. Because y'all had read it, too, right? In fact, and this is not a boast, my Kapeng Barako column is read world-wide: Here in America, from east to west, north to south, in Canada, in the Middle East, and in the Philippines. Also, I am afraid y'all had missed the essence of that story that Lolo Bobby Reyes wrote. It was a satire and it was meant to humor Pinoys for Abnoy, I mean, Noynoy. You read and misunderstood its underlying message. Please learn to read between the lines, ika nga. Okay ... granted that he had asked that writers should refrain from calling Noynoy as "ABNOY." And that his request should be "respected." FYI, unlike other editors of Fil-Am publications, Bobby Reyes, as an editor, does not practice CENSORSHIP of his writers' opinions. That's also the essence of his on-line publication: freedom of the press, freedom to express one's opinions, without fear of retribution. And that freedom is the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. and I hope y'all know that. I don't mean to give a lecture here, but from your comment, this little lecture needs to be said. Have a good day. And may the best and the right candidate wins as president of the Motherland. To me, I don't see Abnoy, I mean, Noynoy as the right one for our Inang Bayan. Jesse Jose Seattle, WA
This is a comment on "If Noynoy Wins, the Homeland Will Be Known As the "Autistic Republic of the Philippines”"

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