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Sep 25th
Do not complicate what is simple. PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 17 July 2010 11:38
I agree with all the infos here are correct. Simple answer to a complex one is to simplify it. Modems and the IP addressing may have had an issue. Dynamic Ip is a bit difficult for hackers to attack because it changes. Static IP can leak and much easier to detect. Have you heard of the tunnelling method? IBM and AT&T's network security method? It will give us an idea and peace of mind just in case people still doubt the integrity of the PCOS and spend money to educate the operators of the machine. Its easier to bombard, but difficult to apply. Again, issue will be the funds to obtain feasibility. I believe that the GMA admin did their very best effort to serve and run the past election properly. I will, as an individual will support all the seated officials because thats the right thing to do.

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