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May 16th
Does the US Keep Dossiers on Foreign Leaders? PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 01 May 2010 10:38
I should really know whether my adopted country the US of A really keeps or has kept accurate and truthful/unbiased dossiers on foreign leaders. Since foreign policy and international relations were the subject of my graduate thesis and dissertation, I ought to know about it. But sad to say my adopted country does not really keep tabs honestly at all times of foreigner leaders especially those it does not favour and it will provide glowing images for those it favours. My MA thesis (The Role of the US in the Neutralisation of Laos) at Oxy in Los Angeles where President Obama went to school revealed numerous American false accounts on the Pathet Lao during the war in Laos in the early 60's and the speeches made by a lot of the members of Congress documented these facts. My revelation of these crucal events almost caused me to not get the MA degree because my adviser was a former US diplomat and he was always talking adversely on countries that did not see eye to eye with the USA even if the formers had valid points and contentions. But sticking to my guns and maintaining intellectual honesty got me through. After all honesty is the best policy. And my Ph.D. dissertation at the U of Minnesota which analysed the role of the Philippines in the UN during the time of Carlos P. Romulo also showed US manipulation in getting the birth of Israel in the UN in late 40's which were opposed by many nations including our country represented by Carlos P. Romulo. Romulo' opposition to forcing the UN to partition Palestine to give birth to Israel caused him to be recalled at home and a Philippine Senator was then sent to vote for partition of Palestine which gave birth of Israel. Romulo's objection was sound and very democratic. The US had to buy votes from those countries especially the Latin American countries who had the votes if done collectively to veto or to approve the resolution partitioning Palestine and creating a new nation called Israel. In the case of the RP, the US told our government that there were foreign items in the US Congress that would be voted and Philippine refusal to go along with the Palestine partition would jeopardise the passage of that foreign aid act. I went to the RP in the 70's on my 5 month world tour to do research and interview Carlos P. Romulo, Salvador Lopez and other noted Foreign Affairs officials to get to the allegation that the RP's vote was compromised by the threat of withholding foreign aid. Carlos P. Romulo refused to answer the question and instead told me to ask another question. But when I later interviewed Salvador Lopez, he did not even blink and told me yes and the threat of withholding foreign aid to the RP caused the country to recall Romulo and send an alternate, a Philippine senator, to vote for partition. My academic experience regarding the statement or allegation of the US maintaining accurate and unbiased documents on political personalities has given me first hand information of the US politics regarding this matter. The US dosiers for those it did not favour were were generally speaking flawed and for those it favoured showed the opposite. In writing the dissertation I was very lucky to anticipate the repeat academic fire works which would definitely brew in the horizon and switched for another Ph.D. adviser. He had that academc integrity and very intellectually honest. He was Dr. Mulford Q. Sibley and may he RIP. Again I would caution believing that the US has all the accurate and unbiased data on foreign leaders. Eddie

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This is a comment on "Does the U.S. State Department Have Dossier on Noynoy Aquino’s Alleged Mental Illness?"

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