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Jan 27th
Don, I cc'd Jonathan the note I sent you PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 16 April 2009 20:25
Don, I cc'd Jonathan the note I sent you and also this one. Don't be so harsh and don't insult the intelligence of Jonathan Lorenzo. by mentioning even the school he went to, what are you and Bobby, two judges on American Idol? he he he I am sure that the Fil-Am Library Board where he works is well aware of the use of word Flip in the publication. You know the Fil-Am youth have a mind of their own, tried hard to convince even my kids to vote for McCain, but two out of three voted for Obama. I have here a book in front of me. titled "Flippin' - Filipinos in America." Edited by two progressive Fil-Am writers Luis H. Francia and Eric Gamalinda published by The Asian American Writers Guild, NY, 1998, 377 pages. It is a collection of stories by some of the best minds in the literary world, which we are not part of. I am bringing this up because the term "Flip" is part of the title. So to some sectors of society, it has become an anathema, and to some it has been accepted. You know, it is all subjective, by the tone of voice...tone alone can become lost in translation. Say, "hoy Flip putang ina mo !!!" Or via cell "Whassup Flip?" Ed

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