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May 16th
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Thursday, 10 March 2011 05:40
Dear Joseph, I accept your explanation. I also know you understand the reason for being upset. I have been told by Tenny (sorry for the mispelling and the wrong gender pronoun), that he has written to you to explain his erroneous claim. May I ask you in the name of NUJP to correct the story? The following are excerpts from threads between officers of the Ontario group, including Tenny, and me. I think they are self-explanatory and hope you can help clarify the matter through another post. My first step in clarifying the mystery was to write Ramon Datol of the Ontario group as he was a colleague in the defunct Evening Star. I contacted him through Facebook. ** To: Ramon Datol Subject: TENNY SORIANO'S claim of sending money for Ampatuan massacre victims Dear Mon, I was shocked today to get a message from NUJP Sec-Gen Weng Paraan re a blog post on Mabuhay Radio by Joseph Lariosa that mentioned conduits for aid to the media victims of the Ampatuan massacre. (See link below) I will not comment on the other claims, only on what concerns me. This is the disturbing content: "Tenny Soriano, president of the Philippine Press Club of Ontario (PPCO) based in Toronto, said his press group had sent (Canadian) $750.00 to the survivors of the journalist victims through Rommel Rebollido of the Philippine News Agency and Inday Varona, officer of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines." I'm writing to you because you're an officer of that same club. However did I get dragged into this? When did Mr. Soriano get in touch with me? When did he send the funds? Where did he course the funds? Where are the receipts? I wasn't even a director anymore of the NUJP (though I remain a committed and member) when the Ampatuan massacre happened. We have ALWAYS referred any queries re donations to the NUJP scholarship fund to officers in charge -- and in this case, it wasn’t Mr. Rebolido either. Mon, you guys have to clarify this. I hope you do it fast. Thanks, inday The next boxes contain subsequent communications, which I am sharing here in the interest of full disclosure.

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