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Jun 26th
Dr. Bruce writes: "The reason why he is PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 22 August 2009 17:42
Dr. Bruce writes: "The reason why he is not responding to you directly is because I asked him not to. I have a cooler head than him, and probably more diplomatic in my response . . ." Dear Dr. Joy, I thank you again for your pacification effort; that's very laudable. Lest you forget, I am a reporter of events, a recorder of circumstances. I am a detached observer. I don't make the news; it's people like you, Greg Macabenta, Lorna Dietz, etc. who create the news by their actions or inactions. Now it doesn't concern me much if Macabenta suddenly turns into a rabid dog and his partner an equally raging bitch while reading a news account of what they did or are doing. I certainly have the ability to defend myself under any circumstances. Macabenta can bring the discussion to a higher level, if he so wills it. It went down the gutter, or was already in the gutter to begin with, because he started the mud-throwing. I can't -- never will -- be passive in that situation. For a moment Macabenta thought he was seeing his arch-enemy, Bobby Reyes, in me, and in my legitimate queries. Bobby is a respected and responsible journalist of a different shape and hue. All we share is a passion to report the truth to our community. If Macabenta values his integrity, so do I, (and so does Bobby) as a person and as a professional journalist. If he can not accept me like that, then that is his problem. But I can not be influenced by what his emotions tell him. For sure, Macabenta can not claim to have a monopoly of honesty. By the way, now that it's clear that you're speaking for Macabenta, can you please answer my questions about Filipinas magazine? What is the exact reason Lorna Dietz linked the publication with the $300,000 grant from Wells Fargo? How high or low is Dietz in the order of things in the magazine and in NaFFAA? Is she an "attack dog" on the loose? Best regards, Romy Marquez

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