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Mar 28th
Dr. Joy Bruce wrote: <<Snipped />> Contr PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 10 August 2009 15:38
Dr. Joy Bruce wrote: <> Contrary to what you and others may think, NaFFAA will survive because there are still people out there who care about the community and who believe in a good mission and a good cause. <> Dear Dr. Joy, As an organization I personally believe NaFFAA is good and its causes and mission are worth pursuing. I also personally believe the problem lies in the people running it who see in the process of empowerment an opportunity to abuse and further their personal, professional and business agendas. The case in San Jose is proof of that. It is my hope that NaFFAA would emerge from the challenges before it, stronger and more attuned to the community, not to its leaders. Reporting (critically and cynically, as you said) on NaFFAA as it is now is one heck of a job to do but it must be done regardless of our personal views and emotional ties to it. I am not in any way a party to what it does, or to what it's done. I'm a journalist looking in and seeking answers to questions that almost always fall on deaf ears and unresponsive leaders. If these self-important leaders could ignore a legitimate inquiry in order to establish the truth, what more of those people who, shall I say, are perpetually kept in the dark but are constantly bombarded with only the pretty things? Public perception of NaFFAA will change only if those who manage and run it would themselves change. I hope that by writing the story and reporting it to the bigger non-NaFFAA communities in the US, Canada and the Philippines, the change we all wish for would come. But then . . . the slings and arrows are starting to come my way already. And I'm only the reporter! Thanks and best regards, Romy Marquez P.S. Long before NaFFAA decided to empower the Filipino communities in the US, I already empowered myself in my own little way by investigating and writing about the scams, the crooks, the scandals and all the bad things Filipinos commit in the US in the name of serving the community. That's basic empowerment. I don't even need NaFFAA to tell me that.

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