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Apr 01st
"ELM" DOSSIER PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 29 May 2011 06:57
That this "ELM" Dossier would eventually happen is no longer a surprise. What has been surprising was how tenacious for more than a decade, Romy Marquez and Bobby Reyes were as community investigative reporters. I met Bobby more than 10 years ago in Los Angeles; Romy was a partner in our passion for integrity in journalism,from 2005-2007 in San Diego.This is akin now to our greater purpose to reform all-points media driven in the Philippines via Strategic Perspective Aggregate News. ( Watch w/Unified Twitter Time Stream for related videos produced by Ralph T. Posadas of CACN, Inc., USA) So my take of this unfolding dossieris right off top of my head merely in an overseas overview from Manila. Until I hear directly from Romy Marquez and Loida N. Lewis who I interviewed in 2009-2010 on Smartmatic-Elections and global pinoys plans, I will hold back an in-depth strategic, even comprehensive analysis, to say the least, in a big let down on higher expectations from this so-called Exclamado-Lewis-Macabenta clique. So, we wait until my arrival back in San Diego to contact these persons end of June 2011. And of course a Federal Agency investigation that warrants it or whichever comes first: Were there IRS rules and regulations violated. If so, was there organized conspiracy in their intent that they managed, even unwittingly, to fall under the RICO Act? For, I will contact Ms.Loida N. Lewis in New York and Romy Marquez in Toronto, Canada. Roberto F. Posadas, Chairman VideoMeeo Inc.,Philippines & CACN,Inc. 501-c-3, USA,

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