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Mar 31st
feb 13, 2010 there was a time that t PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 13 February 2010 08:28
feb 13, 2010 there was a time that the council could mend the problem by asking brothers involved with the present situations between the communit6y and gk. as i know, the culture of the cfc is what ever the differences exist, the elders or the council should not be bias in making decisions but by all means , have to find solutions to have solidarity as one family. but as what i see, the elders or council itself are the one trying to avoid in finding solutions, by letting go ( to coined a phrase) what been established as part of cfc ministry. as a cfc members, i.e tony meloto, and company is spiritually mature to understand what the elders try to convey, i.e. not accepting donations which is against the priciiple of the community, by telling them that it is not their pride that build homes but the relationships of brothers and sisters in the cfc. the oneness in spirit and blessing of our LORD and GOD. hope and pray that our GOD will not permit us to be a house divided. may the ic rethink their decisions and be enlightened of the right pathways the LORD wants them to walk with. with this, we, the members will always pray for our solidarity. GOD BLESS.

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