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Jul 10th
Filipinos are Latinos PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 01 August 2011 10:23
I strongly disagree with those who said that Latinos refer only to the Latin Americans. The term Latino is just a recent linguistic construction used by many Hispanic Americans from North America, Central America and South America, and this was largely used in the United States. However, since the 1950s, Spain was already using it together with France, Italiy and Portugal to refer to anyone of Latin Heritage. During the hispanic era in Filipinas, those currently referred to now-a-days as Latin Americans were known to us as Americanos. Besides, being a Latino is not a race but belonging to a cultural group, definitely not bound by their language or geographical barrier (otherwise, Brazil which speaks Portuguese should not be included, or Cuba and Dominican Republic should not be either included because they were situated in the Carribean), otherwise why exclude Filipinas when we definitely share a common history and culture with the majority of the Latin countries. Why should Filipinas suffer the consequences of being forced to speak English if we suffered the fate of being colonized by an American power? We have been a subjugated people like them and the last to had our independence. I believe that our Latino brothers and sisters should have more compassion and show more solidarity to us, Filipinos... and embrace us as latinos as well. In 1985, Filipinas was granted membership at the Union Latino... so now, why exclude us just simply because we find it hard to speak Spanish?

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