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Jun 01st
From: Erick San Juan Subject: Re: Fw: PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 24 March 2010 19:40
From: Erick San Juan Subject: Re: Fw: Anti-Graft and Corruption Program To: "Frank Wenceslao" Date: Wednesday, 24 March, 2010, 9:42 PM Frank, Ayan ka na naman. Kaya nga ayaw ko sanang mag give ng comment to a long time friend like you eh. kaya lang pag pinagtatanggol kita rito eh pati ako inaasar, Look what happened to your attack against Mike Arroyo, et al. Labas pasok sa America wala ka magawa. Nanonood pa ng boxing. So many people here have checked your communique with the US government', you've been sending to so many people here. Alam mo ang sagot, It's SOP that they answer such communications, especially if it's help coming from people and NGOs but not really deputizing you or your organization. You only act as informers like anybody else there. I hope this will clear things right. Wala pa akong manok dito coz of a "kerensky" in the loop of GMA, baka maka chamba ng NOEL or Failure of elections. ESJ From: Frank Wenceslao Subject: Re: Fw: Anti-Graft and Corruption Program To: "Erick San Juan" Cc: "Senate President JP Enrile" , "Manuel Roxas" , "Rodolfo Biazon" , "Johnny Enrile" , "Bong Revilla" , "Richard Gordon" , "Jinggoy Estrada" , "Joker Arroyo" , "Aquilino Pimentel" , "Antonio Trillanes" , "Alan Peter Cayetano" , "Francis Pangilinan" , "Manuel Lapid" , "Juan Miguel Zubiri" , "Manuel Villar" , "Maria Ana Madrigal" , "Loren Legarda" , "Panfilo Lacson" , "Gregorio Honasan" , "Edgardo Angara" , "Pia Cayetano" , "Francis Escudero" , "Miriam Defensor Santiago" , "Benigno Aquino III" , "Chief Justice and Justices" , "ComelecChair and Commissioners" , "Artemio Panganiban" Date: Wednesday, 24 March, 2010, 1:16 PM Dear Erick, Thanks for your email below. Political differences will not destroy our friendship. It's OK by me if you're for Villar hopefully not by his modus operandi of getting the many media people's support. If I seemed for Noy-Mar it's to prevent Villar's election. It looks to me his supporters in the media are ignoring for personal reasons, Villar will be worse than Marcos and GMA. It's human nature that if he succeeded in corruption while just a member and Speaker of the House, then Senator and Senate President, it's naive to think he won't be worse when he becomes President. Besides, Villar hasn't a single quality better than Noynoy who surpasses him with record of honesty. There's one incontrovertible proof Noynoy will be a better President than Villar and can more effectively address graft and corruption through leadership by example. Throughout Cory Aquino's 6-year presidency, Noynoy wasn't reported Noynoy of getting involved in government deals especially clearing shipments through customs that Erap's and GMA's children got involved in? On this score alone, Noynoy will be a more trustworthy President than Villar. The Philippine media hopefully wouldn't do what the U.S. mainstream media did for Barack Obama covering up his radical background (corruption in Villar's case) and past associations, lack of executive experience and propensity to promise policies and programs he's clueless to please his audiences. Surely, the Philippine media practitioners are aware of nearly 10% U.S. unemployment rate which goes up to over 17% when part-time workers and those who've given up looking for jobs are included. Obama has tripled Bush's budget deficit in only one year and set America's total debt load on pace to top $13 trillion this year and go up to $22 trillion by 2020. Everyone agrees this is unsustainable with disastrous consequences if Obama and the Democratic Congress weren't stopped in the November 2010 and 2012 elections. If no spectacular turnaround of the U.S. economy happens in 2 years, Obama like Carter will be a one-term President. Aside the C-5 extension project and the illegal conversion of CARP covered first-class irrigated riceland which is now upscale Savannah Estate in Pavia, Iloilo, the media hadn't covered and investigated the billions of pesos Villar and wife made thru their defunct Capitol Development Bank by originating home mortgages for their real estate companies. But since Capitol couldn't anymore easily sell mortgages to the National Home Mortgage Finance Corp. (NHMFC) which loosely approved payment without checking if the mortgages complied with the Unified Home Lending Program rules, Capitol suffered serious liquidity crisis and was compelled to ask the Bangko Sentral for emergency loan of P1.5 billion. The collaterals were the reconstituted titles of lands in Norzagaray, Bulacan, later claimed by the Dumagats as ancestral domain covered by their original certificate of title allegedly grabbed by the Puyats whose failed brickmaking project (Manila Brickworks) was mortgaged to Capitol. The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis caused more financial difficulties for the Villars. Capitol was abolished and a new Optimum Development Bank was born that defaulted on the BSP loan. In fact, securing the BSP loan with dubious land titles was a violation of the BSP charter. Villar and wife as members of Congress should've been criminally charged of plunder since they've not really accounted for the P1.5 billion BSP loan. My witness is Tony Hidalgo, former HUDCC sec-gen, who claims the fiduciary retirement funds with the GSIS, SSS and Pag-IBIG to support the UHLP would've been wiped had not the DOF and the 3 agencies reined in their funds and adopted stricter mortgage lending procedure, which led Villar's real estate companies suffered more financial difficulties in late 1990s. They were consolidated into one flagship company, Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. which saved Villar's real estate empire from collapsing because of the BSP loan he's suspected to put aside and his national budget insertions for several years to pay for 500% price increase of the right-of-ways for C-5 extension based on future land values of Villar's 23 subdivisions yet to be developed and traversed by the roadway. Villar seems to have found Brother Mike Velarde to take the fall for the C-5 fiasco. But that's too late. Velarde is known to be corrupt himself. When I was with FVR's Presidential Flagship Committee the TRB head asked my help if I could expose so Velarde would back off buying or getting options to buy probable ROWs for proposed road construction and pressuring TRB to agree to his exorbitant pricing. As a matter of legal principle, a corrupt witness like Velarde can't absolve Villar who's accused of worse corruption. Besides, the evidence adduced in the hearings of the Senate Committee of the Whole is sufficient to send Villar to jail, according to Johnny Ponce Enrile. Pamusa's interested in the illegal funds or proceeds of corruption the Villars, children or close associates may have transferred to USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Europe to charge them of money laundering whether Villar wins or loses. If money laundering was committed in the U.S., it usually extends to wire fraud and the more serious racketeering. If he wins, Pamusa can wait until his immunity ends and, like Guatemala's former President Portillo or GMA, sue Villar for violating said U.S. laws. Erick, send word Villar will be better off if he withdraws and maybe Noynoy will allow him to negotiate settlement of his ill-gotten wealth and not be sued in the U.S. Pahaba-haba man daw ng prusisyon, sa Simbahan din ang tuloy. Pamusa will not sue him. Again, if my colleagues and I seem for Noy-Mar, it's because we're afraid of what will happen to the country if Villar wins. In fact, I'm for Dick Gordon, who's my compadre, and Bayani Fernando, who's my long-time business associate and friend, if Noynoy isn't favored to be the only one who can defeat Villar. Ask those making chismis against me if they trust Villar and don't really care the Philippines is going to the dogs. Best regards to our friends at the Intercon Coffeeshop especially those ever since Marcos have been on the wrong side of history. Frank Wenceslao President Philippine Anticorruption Movement USA, Inc. Phones: 562-864-7737 & Cell 562-547-4357
This is a comment on "Frankly, My Dear, Mr. Wenceslao Has Been Writing Lately a Lot of Hogwash"

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