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Mar 26th
From: gusmercado@net To: PhilVoiceNews@ PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 23 August 2009 08:14
From: gusmercado@net To: Sent: Sat, Aug 22, 2009 8:45 pm Subject: Re: BREAKING NEWS: "NaFFAA Chair Admits Making Money from Donor"; "Finding a Common Ground." Romy, Now that is refreshing! I would not mind circulating these last two pieces from you to our own media circles for widespread circulation, save for the headline of the "Breaking News" which still begs clarification. Romy, I am fully aware of your long-standing and deep-seated rift with Greg which makes it doubly difficult for you to be 100% objective in your reporting. But this piece is as objective and impartial as I thought you could make it -- covering both sides and quoting all sides including the independent observers in the report, and most importantly, void of rancor and inflammatory characterization. That, is as close to responsible journalism as I have seen from you in this controversy so far. Having said that, your headline is, not unexpectedly, still slanted against Greg as it could be misinterpreted by the reader to mean he indeed made money while serving as national chair (“while sitting as ranking NaFFAA official”) and begs clarification. Holding my own judgment until this issue is resolved one way or another about Greg allegedly profiting from the Wells Fargo Bank grant to NaFFAA (which per Bobby Reyes was a foregone conclusion), I told the other level-headed leaders in our midst that if this allegation is proven to be true, I would be the first to form a posse to drive the current sheriff out of town, friend or no friend. And gathering 1,000 signatures in a very short time is something I have done several times for good causes. So far, in all fairness to Greg, no one has shown any evidence that Greg is culpable. I also had a problem with the second sentence of the following paragraph, because it is a non-sequitor, and an oblique dig at Greg was still quite apparent: “Dietz had said that Filipinas magazine would not have financial problems if allegations are true that Macabenta had indeed received the $300,000 money grant plus commission. The implication was that Macabenta was already poised to use money donated to NaFFAA for his private enterprise.” With due respect, your interpretation of Dietz’ statement does not follow. The implication of Dietz’ statement is (a) that Filipinas is having financial problems; and (b) if indeed the allegation is true that Macabenta received the $300,00, Filipinas would not have financial problems. There is no direct or implied co nnection to his private enterprise. But overall, what a comprehensive, informative and fairly impartial piece. You have just elevated yourself several notches in my eyes and in my book. I am confident that many responsible journalists covering this event, like JosephLariosa, Bart Tubalinal, and other responsible journalists will take the same tact. The role of responsible media in the fair and far-reaching resolution of these issues and achieving lasting peace in our community is crucial. I think your willingness to accept the facts and to find a common ground is what separates you from Bobby and why not many people take him and his style seriously. Many thanks from me and many like me! Gus Mercado Dallas, Texas PS: You have the first special invitation to the special Peace Summit that I am planning to host in Dallas. Details to follow. I hope you accept.

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