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Mar 27th
From Mila Aguilar: The Marcoses Must Finance a Presidential Library for FM PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby Reyes   
Saturday, 28 May 2011 13:20
Mila D. Aguilar also commented on her link in the Facebook: . Mila wrote: "Go ahead, Bobby, I won't stop you. A presidential library in the Philippines won't sound as neutral as it does in the U.S., but take a cue from U.S. presidential libraries -- it isn't financed by the government, but by donations and the ex-president's estate. So a Marcos presidential library should be financed first and foremost by the monies he stole from the Filipino people, minus the damages he should pay to victims of martial law as well as the Philippine government itself. That would be the most just thing to do. But then one caveat to that presidential library is that his cadaver shouldn't be placed there on display, because we are not a nation that makes idols of cadavers; we have a living God, however He be called -- not cadavers in place of the living God. So if his widow wants his body there, she should bury it there or place it in an urn there, with the proper permits. Btw, permission to place urns in a house lasts only two years. After that you have to place the ashes in a proper columbary. I would suppose that should go for cadavers too."

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