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Mar 30th
From Susie Barbieri, quoting Bobby Reyes PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 15 October 2009 10:20
From Susie Barbieri, quoting Bobby Reyes: "Should we not demand now for the Philippine government to use first the pork barrel of the members of the Philippine Congress for disaster relief – before it asks donations from Overseas Filipinos? Unless of course, the Arroyo Dispensation and the other Filipino national leaders think that Overseas Filipinos are just suckers. For they believe that suckers are born every minute, to use a cliché, right? # # #" ***** Demand? Good luck! Filipinos "demanding" from a government run like hell by fellow Filipinos are like Don Quixotes demanding windmills to bow down. And those who run the government like hell will always be around as long as there are suckers. Speaking of suckers, has anyone heard of stories of Filipino associations in the United States vying for the “honor” of entertaining Philippine government people on official visits? If these stories are true these pandering hosts are feeding their image as suckers. Presumably the visitors have ample travel funds already paid for by Philippine taxpayers but they did not mind (unless they were out of their minds) being entertained by willing expatriate suckers. Will the visitors refund to the taxpayers what they saved through the courtesy of pandering expatriates? You know the answer. As for relief to typhoon victims I will not donate to organized groups distributing relief goods to the unfortunate typhoon victims. Before I get bricks and bats let me explain. To begin with, my disposable funds are not substantial. So I have to leave it to those characters who love positive public-relations images even if their level of funds is as puny as mine, to supplement the donations of more affluent people. Organized relief agencies do need as much donations as possible. True or not it has been said that a typical Filipino considers as many as 300 people to be close relatives. I may have a lot more relatives than just 300 but I may not have many that I consider as close. Still, I have enough uncles, aunts and cousins who live in the Philippines and who are as poor as the general population. Here comes a devastating typhoon that hits my hometown where my aunts and uncles and cousins are among the unfortunate victims. I am likely to donate stuff DIRECTLY to them rather than let them suffer through long lines at relief agencies. Besides, relief agencies incur expenses and for every dollar donated a fair portion has to be set aside for such expenses to let them function properly. In direct aid the recipients will receive aid intact. If anyone is about to throw stones and bricks at me please put them down. Fred Natividad Livonia, Michigan

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