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Apr 01st
Guilty Plea... PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 11 April 2011 05:42
My name is Maria Cyd Adriatico-Fernandez and again,my clarification on why I pleaded guilty.I am one of the defendants,I was not involved in arranging of marriages,I never coached any of the mentioned couples so they will pass the USCIS interview nor did I sell my US Citizenship.And why then was I charged?It was because Maria Flordelis Pulido Cruz happened to be a friend and just like any other friends,would recommend couples to me in the preparation of their USCIS Applications. I gained knowledge through self-learning after I got frustrated with Immigration Lawyers and decided to learn and do research on the updates regarding immigration on my own.However,for those referred by Maria Cruz,upon interview,most were investigated further and were found to be in sham marriages and further investigation led the authorities to Maria Cruz as the arranger.Since I was the one who prepared the applications of some of the marriages involved,I was then charged with conspiracy.The charges against me has nothing to do with Maria Cruz.I WAS MADE TO UNDERSTAND THAT I WAS CHARGED BECAUSE I CONTINUED ON HELPING THE COUPLES WITH THEIR APPLICATIONS EVEN IF I KNEW THAT THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF LIVING TOGETHER.This is the sad part because actually,out of the seven couples whose documents I helped prepare,I only knew 2 of them before they even got married that they do not have any intention of living together,this action seem so innocent,but not in the eyes of the law.I pleaded guilty because I have to take responsibility for my actions.Believed me,I fought for what I think is my innocence. What a price I have to pay for something that I value so much,being of help to anyone who needed my assistance in immigration matters for FREE. Much as this is a learning experience,there are things that I may not be able to comprehend, like the lies and manufactured statement by the witnesses of the prosecution becomes acceptable and the defendant's explanation would not matter anymore,you will have to explain your side in court,too late really,there is no further investigation as to the veracity of their statement and why should there be a plea agreement,and many more that is so complex and confusing. Unfortunately,I am embroiled in a case that is considered high profile,which Chicago is known for,my case,involving Cook County Employees and a Fil-Am Lawyer as defendants will surely be interesting.I came with this unfortunate conclusion because in the discoveries,there is another person mentioned there as a marriage arranger,enough evidence against this person could warrant an arrest,but up to this writing,there is no news of this. I really had a hard time dealing with the lies of the witnesses ,the very people who would call and seek my assistance any time of the day,and also,some inaccuracies on the report of the investigation done against me, but my lawyer,Atty. Damon Cheronis, young and respectable, advised me to move past this experience,live well, and leave the lies to their conscience. I know that Judge Samuel Der-Yeghian is fair,he would know what I deserve and I will just let the law take its course.Please keep us in your prayers,especially those who are going to trial and as well as I will keep you in mine.

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