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Mar 29th
Hello Lourdes, Ahhhh .... That was PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 05 July 2009 05:48
Hello Lourdes, Ahhhh .... That was a refreshing, intelligent, sensitive comment. You've gained my admiration, my dear Lourdes. It' so sad that my Bestpren, Yoly couldn't see beyond the BULL of that so-called dyok, which according to her is "racist." My dear friend, Ting, felt the same way, too, and told me in no uncertain terms that instead of dubbing Michelle Obama, a monkey look-alike, I should have used my mother as the monkey look-alike.. But my mother does not look like a monkey; she's beautiful. I am sorry to say, but MO looks like a monkey to me. I don't know how Ting's mother looks like. I bet she's a Filipina beauty, too, like her. Now, as to that "UNANO" dyok. My bestfriend said that that was "distasteful" and "discriminatory." In essence, my wife said the same thing. Her words were: "Disgusting! A typical Filipino, dirty old men, joke." Well, UNANOS are facts of life in this world. They exist ... and the whole world have accepted their existence. And the men amongst them are just like us, normal-sized human beings, with desires and wants exactly just like ours. And really, I consider them LUCKY that they're down there and are able to sniff at the scent of a woman's essence on their feet! Whereas, we, the so-called normal-sized beings, have to kneel down in front of a woman and beg like a dog to get a real good sniff!! Y'all have a safe and Happy July Fourth weekend. Jesse

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