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Dec 09th
Here is what Greg Macabenta e-mailed to PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 21 August 2009 11:11
Here is what Greg Macabenta e-mailed to Dr. Joy Bruce and two other recipients, Apo Ernie Gange and Dr. Ernie Ramos: QUOTE. 8/12/2009 6:23:42 PM, Eastern Daylight Time MMSI13 writes: (Ernie Ramos and Ernesto Gange were given copies). Hi Joy, Thank you for offering to ask Reyes and Marquez where they picked up that canard about me and my company receiving $300,000 from Wells Fargo Bank and getting the commissions from that. If they fail to support their serious accusations, are you willing to tell them to their face that they lied? Or at least demand an apology and as retraction? Asking for proof on the matter of funds alleged given to me and my company, which involved my personal integrity, is one thing Asking about funds earned by NaFFAA from Wells or other sources is another thing altogether. Please do not confuse one with the other. That is the refuge of tabloid writers. You should be asking Alex, Loida, Alma, Doy, and of course Ludy Corrales. You should also ask me about any sums I may have received from Wells Fargo, but not in a general sense - only with respect to me and my company. That serves to isolate the issue and doesn't get it mixed up with past controversies. For the record, during my entire involvement with NaFFAA I have not had any dealings with Wells Fargo with respect to NaFFAA. In the same breathe, I have never received a single cent from Wells Fargo for or on behalf of NaFFAA. I have received checks from Seafood City (where I sit on the management committee) payable to NaFFAA. These are all accounted for. Ludy Corrales ask all the records. In San Diego, I have arranged for Seafood City to donate to COPAO and Kalusugan Health Services. All the checks were in the name of the organizations. But I did have professional dealings with wells Fargo. I dealt with Wells Fargo Bank, as associate agency of Dae Advertising, in connection with a marketing campaign in the US. A few years earlier I also dealt indirectly with Wells Fargo when I created the Gintong Kasaysayan" campaign for the bank, which won the Best TV and Best Print trophies in the awards presentation of the Asian American Advertising & PR Alliance. Did I make money from both projects? You bet I did. I got paid professional fees for professional work. If Reyes and Marquez want to find out how much I earned, they should go to the IRS. Now, about your doubts concerning the audits and the financial records of NaFFAA, allow me to share my email response to Ernie Ramos. I make the same appeal to you to already spend your own time, money and efforts to get at the facts instead of asking questions from the gallery. Otherwise, in heaven's name, let the ghost rest. Speculation and doubts, that is a virtual kiss of death. It therefore becomes incumbent upon you to either be wry with your language or to see your doubts through to confirmation. Leaving the situation hanging is like hanging the target of the doubts. Grossly unfair and unkind. Here is the excerpts from my email to Ernie: "Concerning the need for transparency in NaFFAA, going back to the days of Alex Esclamado, Loida Lewis and Alma Kern, and up to my watch, I fully subscribe to that. Apparently, the official audits that have been conducted over the years have not served to satisfy those who have questions or doubts. Considerable sums have been spent on these audits and NaFFAA can hardly afford one that is designed to 'root out anomalies.' "I would therefore, ask those who are truly concerned to stop heckling or commenting or cheering from the galleries and spend their own money, time and efforts to dig into theses financial issue once and for all - at their expense. I address this appeal to Joy, as well, since she continues to have doubts. 'I myself have no taste for raking up past mistakes because that only leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I have taken the audits at face value but agree that it is the right of anyone to question their veracity. The burden should rest on them, if they are truly 'investigative,' to support their contentions or doubts. Speculations is cheap and any tabloid hack can throw mud at even the Pope." I know that you are trying to keep the peace Joy - with no proof whatsoever and spread all over the world? Would you respond passively? Thank you. Greg B. Macabenta National Chair, NaFFAA UNQUOTE.

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