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Sep 27th
Hi Bobby: People forget, or should r PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 22 March 2010 17:20
Hi Bobby: People forget, or should recall that there is such a thing as Separation of Powers. And that while a President may appoint the Ombudsman, that office/ agency is a Constitutional office. If we were to follow the Rule of Law strictly, and honestly, then no President can, will, or should interfere with any prosecution filed by the Ombudsman. But sadly, things are different in the RP, and the Rule of Law seems to be a foreign thing, and Equal Application of Law similarly little recognized. Anyway, so many people are spewing out scenarios of deals to " let off GMA", the next President supposedly will win if he promises to prosecute her. Anyone can file a suit vs. GMA before the Ombudsman in their personal capacity, so why are some idiots using such prosecution as a campaign promise? They should be careful because their own crimes can still be investigated and prosecutred if the Statutes for such offenses during their own administrations have not yet lapsed. What if all these competing politicians started exposing each other's dirty linen and filed suits? BTW, I think Al Agra, who is also a friend of mine is the acting Ombudsman and Secretary of Justice. I hope he stays as he is straight, fair, and credible with a lot of integrity. Ateneo 88 iyan, kaklase ni Nando Cojuangco at Ernest Macdeda. What a circus. Pulitikang Pilipinas. As to prosecutions for the HL Massacre, I don't want to venture into anything speculative, hypothetical, or conjectural as the matter involves actual deaths and injuries to persons. All I know is that there has been Philippine Army units of company size stationed inside the HL for many years. Those soldiers, along with HLI security were known as the Yellow Army. Withought judging the Cojuangcos, my sad observation is that the HL issue and C5 issues cannot be compared. The former carries taint of much death, violence, and blood which is documented, while the latter is just a lot of accusations which still need to be prosecuted fully in court. What a big mess. Jay
This is a comment on "US-based Supporters Urge Manny Villar to Target Distribution of Hacienda Luisita to Farmer-Beneficiaries Before Christmas 2010"

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