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Jun 28th
Hi Bobby, You scooped me! You got a PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 15 September 2009 13:59
Hi Bobby, You scooped me! You got a good story there. I hope Apo Ernie opens everything up in the spirit of transparency. I believe that the only way NaFFAA can regain the trust and confidence of its public and corporate supporters is to let us know what's going on in NaFFAA's inner circle. The "clash of the semi-titans" I would say this is. The "titans" are pretending to be unreachable up there, shaking in their perch watching how their proxies wage the war. I personally don't know either Ludy Corrales or JTMallonga. I've met Jon Melegrito once or twice and that's not enough to say he is an acquaintance. But he's a good writer. Well, the reason that I mention this is to illustrate the fact that we're not too close or familiar with each other as to allow one party to use the other. Even if we were, I would not permit myself to be utilized by any of them as a tool to advance their politics. If my story has c ast doubts on the integrity of some people in NaFFAA, it is because there is a reason that's borne out by the facts. Only them can erase those doubts. Not being a member of NaFFAA, my role is limited to reporting. I am not an active player in this drama but, certainly, I'm there to document the drama that's unfolding before our eyes. Even as I say all these, I am still being targeted by people with loose tongues and foul mouths, maybe for want of a better diversion. Thanks and best regards, Romy Marquez

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