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Sep 27th
Hi guys, I dunno, I have the same PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 29 August 2009 15:54
Hi guys, I dunno, I have the same gut feel as Romy M. It looks to me the auditors are giving one big fish story. I say, investigation should go full blast, get an independent accountant. The reason for my insistence is that future contributions will jeopardized. I would not leave this hanging for the sake of posterity. We also owe this to future members of the organiztion, otherwise we will have a group that will forever be tainted. For their own sake(members), I'd go for an independent audit. If I were innocent, I would rather be cleared than have doubts about my character. My children would not permit this kind of situation to happen in our family. So many questions, Why are companies of members involved? Why are spouses of members given monies? Highly questionable! Romy, go for it! I appreciate your courage; An eagle flies alone, most ducks can't fly anyway, and never alone. In my book you are a soaring eagle, alone with sharp eyes, and with claws of a cunning hunter. Keep it up. Good Luck! Tnx, rv

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