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Sep 29th
Hi, JJ: Since El Bobby and El Dido ha PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 09 November 2009 23:17
Hi, JJ: Since El Bobby and El Dido have no proof yet that El Pakyaw had the over-reaching and omnipotent power to fix the game, let's give El Pakyaw the credit of beating to the pulp El Kuto if he beats Kuto. Don’t employ the defense mechanism of our corrupt Filipino politicians -- who use the standard line -- they were cheated when they lose. Lumang tugtugin na yan. Kumita na yan. I thought you are no longer influenced by our corrupt politicians because you are now an American patriot? Although politicians are good at keeping under the wraps the way they cheat, cheating in boxing is very hard to detect because everybody can see how boxers beat each other up on TV. Because of this transparency, you cannot tell Filipinos to stay away from TV when Manny beats up his opponent to pieces. But if somebody can come up with a tiny shred of evidence that Manny can influence the mob that will be the time that they will stop watching Manny make more money. For now, let's give Filipinos the benefit of enjoying how Manny will tear Cotto apart while El Bobby and El Dido are looking for their evidence! Cheers! JGL

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