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Nov 29th
Hi, JJ: Thanks for reading my column. PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 21 August 2009 12:45
Hi, JJ: Thanks for reading my column. I also read your column on "Tita Cory, the Filipino Uncanonized Saint: A Dissenting Opinion." It was nice piece because you were "objective" in your treatment because you were writing it as part of the "Third Party." I also agree with your "dissenting opinion." Not only because she was "unforgiving" to the Marcoses (although I don't blame her if we go by the doctrine of Truman that the "buck stops" with him as president if any bad thing happens under his watch) but she failed to act when tenants of her hacienda were trying to claim their shares of her land under land reform. If she did, I am sure "Ate Glo" (Arroyo) will listen to her plea to step down from Malacanang! Let's sip to your Kapeng Barako! Joseph G. Lariosa Chicago, Illinois

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