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Jun 27th
Hi Joseph, I got some comments too th PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 24 April 2009 22:58
Hi Joseph, I got some comments too that you may forward to Senator Pimentel. First off, isn't it a redundancy? Based on my experience as editor here in San Diego, I guarantee as much space as my paper could accommodate to anyone who feels he has issues to ventilate vis-a-vis my articles. However, I see to it that the privilege is not abused by those who stray from the issues and launch personal attacks. I wonder then if Sen. Pimentel's "right to reply" would give license to anyone who feels offended and then invokes such right as provided by the proposed law. Freedom of the press is conferred on journalists and on media in general and not on those who want to clothe themselves with what is practically, conversely, the same press freedom. Freedom of the press is not the same as freedom of expression, the latter is inherently ours with or without a law to guarantee it. Even if the senator defangs his proposal, I believe the bill in itself would open the floodgates to abuse, specially from people with interests to protect and agendas to pursue. The "right to reply" is exacly the kind of thing we, as journalists, should guard against. In my opinion, it neutralizes an editor's or a journalist's better judgement, thanks to a guarantee of the "right to reply". I have not read the full text of the bill so I will20limit my discussion from what I discern in Joseph's story. Thanks and best regards. Romy Marquez
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