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Sep 28th
Hi Pareng Bart: Good morning. Thanks PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 09 November 2009 15:29
Hi Pareng Bart: Good morning. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I agree with you! Kahit na ano pa si Manny P. siya naman ay "sariling atin"! My Junior just told me last night: "Dad, Manny is a Filipino. Weak or strong, loser or winner, he is your countryman! You have to back him up!" Is it really that hard for us Filipinos to stand one and united with him??? I hate to be misunderrstood on this. So, allow me to say something else please. I am not and I can not disagree with the right of our other kababayans to say what is in their hearts. They have the right to speak out their minds. But I hope, that in fairness, they will also consider seriously what Manny has done for the Filipinos and the Philippines! He made us "famous" in a civil and admirable way! The other day, one of the technicians in the car shop I deal with saw the small Filipino flag in my car. And he said in a very complimentary way: "You are a countryman of Manny!" I wonder if any other Filipino has personally accomplished as much as Manny has! Take into the equation the fact that he has had "no formal education" so to speak. And yet, look at the people who admire him and look in awe at him. Most of them are not even Filipinos and you can draw your own conclusions from that. THEY ALL ADMIRE HIM! Why can't we the Filipinos and his countrymen feel the same admiration for him? WHY???? Manny may or may not win the fight on November 14. The outcome him winning the fight is a contingent event. But regardless of the outcome, we should all be very, very proud of him. And deep out and deep in, we should always wish him well! when he fights! May the "force" be with him this Saturday! MABUHAY si Manny P! Ipagdasal natin na manalo sana siya sa Sabado! Is that not the least we should, (all Filipinos), do for him? Salamat. Ingat. Rolly

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