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Sep 29th
*Hi Tocayo, Alex Exclamado once dream PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 22 August 2009 18:30
*Hi Tocayo, Alex Exclamado once dreamed of NaFAA as the Fil-Americans' answer to NAACP. But like any Fil-Am organization the NaFAA never really took off the ground and may soon self-destruct. Not surprising though, given the kind of Filipino leadership which started with Emilio Aguinaldo in the infamous Tejeros Convention at San Francisco de Malabon, now General Trias in Cavite Province, where the Great Plebian, Katipunan founder and Supremo Andres Bonifacio was ingloriously ousted by "Cavitismo" and finally ended ignominiously before a firing squad of his own countrymen! So Alex Ex can just go on dreaming! If only we Filipinos could learn how to work as one for the common good of all, a national organization such as NaFAA would flourish. There are no less than 2.5 million Fil-Ams in the US and even just a dollar from half of that number contributed monthly or $12 annually can make the NaFAA an organization to reckon with. But unity among Pinoys is a pipe dream and that is where the main problem lies. The Fil-Ams alas will never be a significant political force in America and the US government will never take the Pinoys seriously. It took Uncle Sam all of 64 years to take a second look at the FilVets' never ending plea for recognition and when the "magnanimous" Uncle Sugar finally dipped into his very deep pockets his hand came out only with a few coins with which to reward the ever loyal Pinoy vets! Unity is the name of the game. A word that is lost to the Fil-Ams and even the Pinoys in the old country! All the best, Tocayo (Col. Romy Monteyro)

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