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May 30th
I agree with the 2nd comment PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 14 September 2010 20:51
The one above me is right. I'm a Filipino & I happen to be one of the very few who can speak conversational Spanish because I learn it at home, books, music (I'm a fan of Latin music) & more so with my friends. I have hispanic friends and first time they meet me, they thought I'm their fellow Latina but when I told them I'm a Filipino, they were all surprised because I speak Spanish & they told me they never met a Filipino before who can speak Spanish & this the first time they encountered one. But at the same time they were happy that I learned it. More than 90% of Filipinos are of Malay stock & don't know any Spanish except for the loan words. While the Filipino culture has been peppered with Hispanic influences, the main component is still Asian (Malay & Chinese culture). That what makes us Filipinos unique not only among Asians but also to the world. Let's just be proud of our unique qualities that we can blend it easily with different cultures that people from other races love to have. Anyway the good news is that many Hispanics/Latinos would love to meet Filipinos & have them as a friend but the only problem is the language (especially my friends fr Latin American countries who can't speak English). They are also family-oriented, very passionate & religious people just like Filipinos.

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