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Jul 17th
I agree with your statement whole hearte PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 23 February 2010 00:17
I agree with your statement whole heartedly. But I would go a step further and say my Independence Day is July 4th, 1776, since I am American (who is of Filipino descent). I do not celebrate Philippine Independence Day. This is not an insult to Filipinos, but an affirmation to my national allegiance. Also, have you ever heard of so called Filipino American organizations where the participants recited the Filipino pledge of allegiance at their major gatherings (or perhaps even Tagalog high school classes)? If they do, I think it is hipocritical. If they are American, than they would not recite the Filipino pledge of allegiance. At most they should just stand just out of respect for the foreign country. What do you think?

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