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Oct 04th
If by "critics" you were referring to th PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 19 November 2009 06:55
If by "critics" you were referring to those who doubted his pugilistic skills, well, anybody who disputes the achievements of Pacquiao IN BOXING is an idiot. Pacquiao appears to be the best in his seven divisions that even the U.S. Secretary of State declared (whether she was serious or was just pandering to a host nation) that Pacman will win against Cotto. And Pacquico did. Admirably. He deserved the adulation, not just of his countrymen but of the world. He put the Philippines on the world spotlight. The sight of him holding the Philippine flag before a worldwide audience can - ought to - make any red blooded Filipino break into prideful tears, at least in spirit if not in actual tears. But that does not mean Pacquiao is Superman who is super in both mind and body. Outside boxing Pacman has imperfections that share the spotlight with his celebrity status. When his popularity is being exploited for political purposes by others - or by him, himself - criticisms NOT RELATED TO BOXING are bound to surface since Philippine politics is possibly the most unpleasant facet of contemporary Philippine society. Voters have often elected people based on popularity for achievements OTHER than their experience in governance or management. When the City of Manila prepared an official welcome for Pacman after one of his victories abroad he snubbed the preparations just because he was not politically allied with the then current mayor. And Pacquiao has been reputed to have girlfriends aside from his pretty wife. There were reports about him having sired an illegitimate child. Whether those are true or not his fans should not shelter him from criticsm. That is hypocrisy. It is none of their business, to begin with. Speaking of hypocrisy, the apparent toleration of promiscuity of celebrities is totally contrary to the supposed moral behavior of a predominantly Catholic population. Even a convicted former president known for his adulteries has still a threatening popularity. Anyway it is up to Pacman, and not up to his drooling, fanatic fans (that include politicians trying to hitch to his popular wagon) to defend himself or disprove stuff leveled against him. Or he ought to apologize if the criticisms hold water. Fred Natividad Livonia, Michigan

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