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Dec 04th
im a filipino amerasian. born june 1982. PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 18 August 2009 05:24
im a filipino amerasian. born june 1982. illegitimate but acknowledged by my american dad when i was born, he worked in a u.s. military base here in the philippines. did not register me me at the u.s. embassy manila as u.s. citizen before he left that's why i couldn't go to america. ive tried to register by myself with complete documents, proofs like birth certificate and passport of my dad, my authentic birth certificate from nso, but the u.s. embassy consular officer keeps on requiring me documents which are not really required. they're confusing me. that's why i pulled out all my documents and not to pursue my case anymore with a broken heart. i didnt pay anything. but you know the feeling of being scrutinized. the treatment is not fair. hopefully president barack obama would help us, philippines amerasians, including japan. please amend the amerasian law. we are still hoping and praying it would happen. i really wish to be with my dad, he's 82 years old now. please give us a chance.

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