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Aug 03rd
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Friday, 13 November 2009 07:47
IN PACQUIAO VS. COTTO, BIG WINNERS, FANS November 11, 2009 - by Chuck Johnson | Photos by Will Hart As the promoter for both Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, Top Rank's Bob Arum has a double-vested interest in Saturday night's HBO Pay-Per-View fight (9 PM ET, $54.95) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Billed as "Fire Power," the scheduled 12-round welterweight bout features Top Rank's two biggest money-making stars and, quite understandably, the promoter would rather that neither fighter have to go down in defeat. "Sure, it is tough to see one of my fighters beating up on another one of my fighters," Arum says, " but I am confident in this fight that these two guys are going to give a great account of themselves." ************************************************************************************************************* Cotto and Pacquiao are from the same Bob Arum stable. I am starting to be suspicious already. There is a right way and a wrong way to fix a fight. Doing it the delaHoya way is not a smart way to do it, i.e. fighting dehydrated and throwing only 2 or 3 punches in many of the rounds. At least Cotto must put on a decent show for credibility. Promoters can fix fights in a NOT SO obvious way. Through the power of suggestion, Arum could have spoken to Cotto this way: "look you have to fight your heart out and put on a decent show.....if you win you will earn money.....and if you lose you will earn even more money in a rematch because Pacquiao would have his 7th title then..." A Pacquiao win will make Arum a lot more money than a Cotto win. bottom line is: I cannot imagine that Pacquiao can punch harder than Mosley who is a junior middleweight. Mosley could not knock down Cotto. Margarito could not put Cotto on the floor even with plaster wrapped hands. the referree had to stop the fight. So if Pakyaw knocks out Cotto or beat him handily, I would really be very suspicious. PRE-FIGHT ACTIVITIES: Dancing salsa with 4 young sexy señoritas from Banco Popular whom my friend Jorge invited. But I will be mostly dancing cumbia with my girl friend (sigh!) PRE-FIGHT DISHES: Mondongo, Seviche, Camarones en ajo, menudo, lechon al horno, platanos fritos, menudo, abondigas PRE-FIGHT COCKTAILS and DRINKS - Mimosa, Cuba libre (PR Rhum), Long Island Ice Tea, cerveza superior Enjoy, Dido

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