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Mar 28th
in reference to the comment posted by jo PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 14 March 2010 11:17
in reference to the comment posted by joel, number 2, (with due respect to the author of the comment) i believe that in the list posted only ateneo de zamboanga is a good school because it has been declared by ched as a center of development due to its performance in the board exam, the rest of the schools dont perform well in the board. Although mcu has a good historical record, but its already a history, sayang. Its one of the oldest medical school in the philippines pa nman(ust then up then swu tapos mcu in 1949 at feu-nrmf in 1952---the oldest med schools). i believe the schools of medicine that have been rocognized by an accreditting body as a center of excellence are: UP and UST (APMC, CHED, PBME, DEPED), AND FEU-NRMF (APMC, PBMED, DEPED). the three schools are also centers of excellence in research by DOST-Philippine council for health research and development.

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