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Mar 31st
Indeed, time is a great determiner of wh PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 04 April 2010 17:59
Indeed, time is a great determiner of who is saying the truth and who is in the right path. We were called to be a brothers keeper, yet Tito Frank's inspired direction was misunderstood by people who were engrossed with position, power, and vainglory. So not to diminish the spiritual body of CFC, the split in CFC must happen. CFC-Global and CFC-FFL. After being a program head in Iloilo, I decided to go on as a kuya in SAGIP. I (again) learned in SAGIP many things, one of which is the importance of extending our help in the needy and less fortunate brothers and sisters. It was really hard work in GK since only few of CFC and its family ministry are serving GK. (This is just to show you that I am not against GK or its good works). I am not generalizing, this is just a particular experience. While we were serving in GK, the split was happening yet all of us in the ground were led to nowhere. It came to a point (even until today) that the fulltimers questioned the loyalty of its members. It is okay to ask questions, but to make an allegation and impulsively acting and planning out divisive moves against brothers and sisters is not an indication of "faith and good works". CFC Global had another split. Again, the IC continued to cover GK and also CFC Global's face in humiliation. Yes, because after all that has been said, published, done against those who were just concerned in CFCs life and mission (one of whom is Tito Frank Padilla) like in CFC global's blog, circulated memos, fanned out text messages, in the end, time declared that Tito Frank was right. So now that the "restoration movement" have proven its cause, we hope that those who are so annoyed by CFC FFL and Tito Frank to discontinue unpleasant behaviors. Im still dreaming of CFCs-FFL and GMFI--reunion soon. I just hope that brothers and sister be mature enough to ask for forgiveness and really continue to move forward in the light of Christ.

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