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May 25th
Is the Philippines Beyond Redemption? PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 14 January 2011 20:13
Dear Friends from Mindanao, Especially the Ateneo Graduates of Ateneo de Zamboanga, Ateneo de Davao and/or Xavier University: Fr. Shay Cullen has written an exposé about some scandalous mining operations in Zamboanga del Sur, principally in Pagadian City. To read Fr. Shay's article published in our website, please click on these links: The Values We Live For URL: Since many of our Atenean friends from Mindanao are also some of the organizers and leaders of the Mindanao Federation of Southern California, can we get some input from them? I have been disenfranchised as an "alumnus" of the Ateneo de Manila, as I failed to secure a diploma, having reached only the first semester of the fourth-year law proper (as Ateneans in Southern CA now require a diploma from an Ateneo school to be considered an alumnus). However, I am willing to help our friends from Mindanao in fighting land grabbing in their island and stop the operation of foreign mining cartels. If Ateneans from Mindanao and other Overseas "Mindanawons" won't lift a finger in supporting or even leading the "epic environmental battles" and "standing in solidarity with the poor but resilient people like the brave missionaries who have given their lives working with the people, defending human rights, dignity and ancestral lands" (as Father Shay described it in his article), then perhaps the Philippines is beyond redemption. What say you, Friends from Mindanao? Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes Editor PS: We have too a similarly-scandalous mining operation in Matnog town of Sorsogon Province, per our Chicago-based columnist, who has written an exposé about a mining venture in Sorsogon Province in this article, Joseph Lariosa Takes Up the Cudgels for “Save Matnog, Stop The Iron Project” Some Overseas Sorsoganons are up in arms and are talking with their kin and friends in Sorsogon Province about organizing a movement to recall the provincial governor. URL:
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