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Mar 29th
It does not exonerates villar since bank PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 14 March 2010 05:49
It does not exonerates villar since banks must verify the authenticity of land titles before giving any loans to anyone. This is especially a must for a loan amounting to million / billions. The argument of writer Bobby Reyes that its the fault of Manila Brickworks since they may have might have submitted a fake land title to Capital/ Optimum bank is therefore false since its the responsibility of the bank to do the checking of land title , or Capitol bank could have intentionally allowed a fake land title just to cook the book and allow someone (close ally) to borrow money from Capitol.
This is a comment on "Lito Banayo Must Do an Exhaustive Investigative Report of the “Norzagaray Case” and Not Present Innuendoes Designed to Smear Manny Villar"

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