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Aug 13th
JJ, Here's a feedback from my nephew PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 19 October 2009 05:23
JJ, Here's a feedback from my nephew in Utah. He works for the Pentagon. He found it's easier, less red tape to adopt kids from China than from the Philippines. Your critics do not want to accept the simple truth. I forwarded your column to most on my mailing list. Cheers, tdb From: Dave To: Dr. TDB Hello Uncle Tom, Yeah, it's sad. I went to China 10 years ago and they were much poorer than the Philippines. Different story now. The Philippines had a lot of opportunities, but lost it due to corruption, indifference, manyana attitudes, etc. It's sad. Is it ever going to change? Probably not. The reality is everyone there wants to leave, there's lack of job opportunities, and the economy cannot support a booming population. Without the overseas workers they would probably sink faster... It's very complicated and frustrating... Sincerely, Dave -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Dr. DTB To: David D Hi, Dave, It took more than three hours to get to Cubao from Malabon the last time I was home (2005). What Mr Jose described is true, but comment was posted by an angry reader who said: "You just joined those critics who put down our country. You should not try to go home anymore and magpasarap ka na lang sa USA." tdb In a message dated 10/05/09 22:25:59 Eastern Daylight Time, David writes: Hi Uncle Tom, Very true... Manila traffic is terrible these days. It took us 4 hours to get from Ermita to Makati. That's not that far... Bumper to bumper traffic. Lots of streetkids everywhere. It's sad... It's no longer the Manila from the 1970's that I remember... Dave

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