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Jan 26th
Kudos for Writing from the Heart PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 22 July 2010 13:16
Pareng Jesse, You've got to unload if off your chest. It happens to any family as large as yours. And I don't think it's dirty laundry. The fact is you're very candid. At the same time, you're fuming and bleeding from the apparent snobbery. Understandably so because this is your family, and it's your kid on the way to creating his own Jose family. "La familla" first, as the Godfather stories repeatedly stress. Hopefully, your siblings would relent and give their blessings to this marriage regardless of circumstances. It's good though that the young couple chose to ignore your sibling rivalries and went ahead to invite them. That shows they're above the fray. Best wishes to them and to you, pare, for writing from the heart. It's so touching. Romy Marquez

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