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Jan 27th
LOLo Bobby There are still plenty of PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 26 May 2009 16:35
LOLo Bobby There are still plenty of wild pigs in Moroland since the Muslims don't eat pork at all, Kaso Madame Lame Duck had been sending more Porks in a barrel there to buy votes...that's adding more insult. to the injured broken penises. JJ of course you can write about Baboy Hussein who also used his pork barrel with salted pork to the tune of $1M, which he gave to his wife's hospital when he was senator. Baboy Hussein is of course a Muslim, too. Yeah Bobby, right on, you are not the Mark Twin incarnate for nothing LOLo Ed -----Original Message----- From: To: Sent: Tue, 26 May 2009 12:34 pm Subject: Re: Help Save the Endangered Filipino Wild Pigs and Ducks Dear Ka Jesse and Friends: Please browse Help Save the Endangered Filipino Wild Pigs and Ducks for your and our Midwest friends' reading delight (and comic relief, after the long weekend). Bidang-bida ka dito sa article ko, Ka Jesse. After all, I am not only your editor but also the number-one reader of your column. LOLO*. If you cannot access the hyperlink, please click (or copy and paste to your browser) this URL: Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes * Laughing Out Loud Olways BCC: Midwest-based Friends

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