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Jul 14th
Maripusa and Holy Cows in India PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 19 September 2010 21:56
But Filipinos also have a word for cat food and that is maripusa. Mariposa means butterfly/paru-paro in Spanish. Speaking of cows as sacred, I was in India in 1970 while on my way to the RP on a world tour. I left Minneapolis, Mn for the RP and took the Eastern route instead of the Pacific route. So my first oversea stop-over and visit was Portugal and from there to Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Persia, India, Thailand and then to the RP. Spending 6 weeks in the RP for the Ph.D. dissertation research, I returned to the USA via South Pacific Route and onto South America before landing in Miami, Florida and then to my final destination in Minneapolis, Mn. The cows in India were really sacred because of the Hindu religion. I saw them resting in the middle of the street in New Delhi and nobody bothered to move them so as not to snarl traffic. I even saw a bull "poofing" on the busy street and nobody shooed it away. They are indeed sacred. And that may explain the phrase "Holy Cow". But then how do you explain the expressions, Holy Sh.....t, Holly Molly --this came from Billy Batson (Captain Marvel), Holy Toledo (Toledo is a Spanish and Ohioan city), Holy Mackerel, Holy Smokes, etc. The second words are not as sacred as the cow in India where the expression Holy Cow may have originated. Eddie
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