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Mar 29th
Message to Tabacini Lamokles AKA TabacNiDamocles PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010 13:59
To the Bolo or Sword of Damocles AKA TabacNiDamocles, In fairness to Mr. Romy Marquez and Mr. Bobby Reyes, whoever you are, don't hide under a pseudonym. You have to understand that Messrs. Marquez and Reyes have been the recipients of the most vicious and unprintable words in the English lexicon. They have the right to retaliate or defend themselves. Don't make it sound as if it were a one-sided battle and that they were the aggressors. Don Azarias (As posted in an e-forum and CCs e-mailed to Bobby Reyes and Romy Marquez)

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