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Oct 01st
More on the Filipino-American War PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 18 December 2010 14:06
Subject: Re: Phil-American War-1898-1902 (2) -- Refers Not to the Muslim Phase of the War To:, This is the largest photographic collection of this period in 1899-1902. Anyone interested should check this site. Over hundred of photos ...Jim Zwick was an authority on the life of Mark Twain.. This lead to Jim’s focusing on the American intervention of the Philippines. His vast library fittingly called boondock became the early bible of the Philippine-American war in the internet. That website is gone now, Arnaldo Dumindin website has more than enough to replace it as the most-valuable resource available on line. The sheer number of photographs is overwhelming. It tells all, with some before and after effects. You will be treated with historical snapshots from Ilocos, Cagayan, to southern Luzon, to Bohol, and Mindanao. I am more impressed by the events in black and white than the text. The bells Balangiga and Baler are mute but you can see them here. The Philippines became the testing ground of the great American Generals. Human side bar stories like ... General Lawton who captured the Indian Chief Geronimo but was killed in the Phil-American war by the forces of the Filipino rebel leader name Geronimo. Mark Twain and New York Times wrote the capture of Aquinaldo by General Funston. Mark Twain died before he can tell you that both have sons, Funston Jr and Aguinaldo Jr who went to West Point NY in 1923. Both cadets graduated on the same class. I already read it before but seeing the pictures of these two cadets together was more telling. The US would become world power. The supreme commanders of great World Wars would get on the job training in the Philippines. General Funston died before he could get the appointment to lead the Allied forces in the WWI. General Pershing got it instead, the role that Eisenhower played later WWII. I am not going to say that Black Jack Pershing exploit in Mindanao was a complete failure. Moros respected the Americans more than any invaders in their homeland. Pershing controversial legacy was more than John Shinn of the early SCF ;-). What happened to him? You can already tell that I like pictorials, writing history sometimes texts are biased. Depending when and where the writer points, passion, and agenda.. take your time and scan >>>>> Nestor Palugod Enriquez Coming to America

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