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Oct 06th
Mr. Marquez and Mr. Reyes, I have bee PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009 17:05
Mr. Marquez and Mr. Reyes, I have been very disgusted with your style of writing and the way you manipulate the truth as expressed in the responses that many supporters of NaFFAA have sent to you. Joy did not write it the way you are now putting it down in your paper. Please be fair and objective when you report the news. Your attempt to fill your news stories with intrigue only serves to protect your friend and not the community. Both of you are twisting the truth and the issues. I strongly believe that any news reporter should be objective and be responsible for what he writes. A good reporter brings out both sides of the issues without any stain of manipulation. My plea is this: please do not use your writing talents to condemn anyone. Better yet, please stop using your paper as a pulpit to bully others. Our talents are given to us to make this world a better place to live. I know that my plea will not matter to either one of you because you do not know me. How will my plea change your mind when you have failed to listen to those who are respected in our Fil-Am community here and at home? And though this plea may fall upon your deaf ears, at least others will know that I am one Filipina who admires the hard work put forward by others so that our Fil-Am communities can be recognized for their peaceful contributions to this country. Huwag na huwag ninyong ibibilang ang sarili ninyo sa kanila. I am not a journalist, nor a writer, but I am an objective reader who can easily decipher what is right or wrong. I am a member of NaFFAA and have been very thankful to be a affiliated with the foundation . When you find the time to read what you have written, you will hopefully realize that your misguided accusations will bring NaFFAA you are bringing down and not the select people with whom you have a grievance. There are leaders of NaFFAA who have well-meaning intentions and are good people and they should not be part of your blanket accusations. I am very thankful I was given a chance to have met them through NaFFAA and, like me, there are others who look up to them and who are thankful they are working as the voice of the Fil-Am community to make a difference in this world. Mr Marquez and Mr. Reyes, writing is a talent, please use it fairly and wisely and stop insulting our intelligence. Flor Liza Obana Region 5, NaFFAA

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