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Aug 08th
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Monday, 15 August 2011 20:02
May 3,2011 I was seen at the Lexington Ky VA orthopedics clinic for my bi-anual knee injection. A student Dr. fouled up the injection. Later that night when the antistetic in the injection wore off I was in extreme pain. The next morning I attempted to contact the Lexington VA ortho. clinic. They refused to take my call. I went to a local Dr. for reliefe. I contacted the patient avolicate and made a complant. On May 10,2011 the Nurse who was in charge of the ortho clinic called me and very rudely inforned me I would report that evening in Lexington 126 miles away. I told her I might not be able to get someone to drive me. She informed me if I didn't make the appointment I would be written up as a no show. I attempted to make the trip. My car broke down about 80 miles from Lexington. They very grudgingly reset the appointment for May 12. On May 12 I reported to the Lexington ortho clinic,with a friend who is an ortho nurse. After wateing for over 4 hours I was seen by a student resident Md. who was very agressive and rude. He was asked if some test could be done to assertain if damage was done by the injection. He snapped that an MRI wouldn't show anything he needed to see. He then exited and informed the Head nurse who was in the hall that I had refused treatment. The nurse came into the exam room. She was very consouling for a few minutes. Then a VA security Officer appeared at the door. At this point the nurse began screeming get him out of my clinic, he is disorderly,threatning,vulger. The security officer told her he would evaluate the situation and act accordingly. The nurse really went went ballistic. She went down the hall screeming get hin out of my clinic. The officer informed me that the nurse had called the security office and charged that 2 men were in the clinic being threatning, blasfeming,vulger language and she wanted us arrested and removed fron the clinic. The officer didn't observe any such conduct so no charger were filed. Thank GOD for an honorable Security Officer. I have been in touch with Congressman Rodgers office and they are investigateing.

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