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Jun 26th
My dear Romy Please let me assure you PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 22 August 2009 17:40
My dear Romy Please let me assure you that I was authorized by Greg to be his spokesperson, and that he has asked me to respond to you officially on his behalf. I am quoting his personal statement regarding his dealings with Wells Fargo. The reason why he is not responding to you directly is because I asked him not to. I have a cooler head than him, and probably more diplomatic in my response. An innocent man can become emotionally distraught and behave like a rabid dog if unfairly accused and if his personal integrity is viciously attacked. I did not want this communication to deteriorate into another mud-slinging and harsh exchange of words. I hope you understand. I cannot (and I don't) speak for or on behalf of or quote anybody unless I have permission to do so, or unless I heard it directly from the person himself (or herself) It becomes hearsay when one quotes from a second or third party, and I am not a rumor-mongerer. I can assure you that Greg is responding to your questi ons through me. I would like to reiterate that I was the one who advised him not to answer or deal directly with you, in order to avoid further verbal confrontations. I take the blame and full responsibility if you don't hear from him. I just want to keep the peace. I know that he would prefer not to hear from you, either. I cannot speak for Lorna, for Ben or for others with whom I have no direct communication. I hope I have made myself clear. If you still do not believe in what I say, you are of course welcome to ask for official records from more veritable sources (like the library?), regarding when the ads were done by MMSI on behalf of the Wells Fargo. Please... Let's keep the peace and move on. Take care Joy

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