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Sep 28th
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Thursday, 08 October 2009 21:48
NATIONAL FEDERATION OF FILIPINO AMERICAN ASSOCIATIONS (NaFFAA) NaFFAA Region 3 ( Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin) October 1, 2009 NaFFAA Region 3 Board of Directors RESOLUTION We, the undersigned, elected Board Members of NaFFAA Region 3, strongly endorse and recognize the declared winner of the NaFFAA Illinois caucus, Angeles "Jelly" Carandang, as announced by the Comelec on September 6, 2009, as the NaFFAA Illinois State Chair. Whereas: we reject allegations that the NaFFAA Regional Chair was out of order, as he suspended the election rules, on the premise that the position of Regional Chair was vacant at the time of the meeting; Whereas: we further allege that the NaFFAA Regional Chair was acting within the scope of his authority when he suspended election rules based on the consensus of the assembly, and allowed the Illinois delegation to caucus and hold their state elections; Whereas: we further allege that the role of the Regional Chair as provided in the NaFFAA By-Laws is "to assist in the formation, organization and development and maintenance of the region."; Whereas: we represent the body and board of this region, realize the importance of resolving this issue, and our need to take responsibility, for the operational structure of all the state chapters, and to be part of the well being of the entire region; Whereas: we also express our full and unqualified support for our NaFFAA Regional Chair, Eduardo "Ed" Navarra, whose leadership and dedication to the causes that affect the Filipinos in the Midwest has been stalwart and consistent, and that his leadership has given Region 3 the recognition that it deserves, among NaFFAA Regions in the U.S.'; WE are currently faced with critical challenges, that require the undivided attention and cooperation of the entire regional leadership. The typhoon disaster and relief assistance which requires massive organization and mobilization, among others, requires time and resources; To further achieve our community's empowerment which is the goal of our regional conferences, we shall endeavor to maintain, promote and support the growth of our regional state chapters, develop cohesiveness, cooperation and partnerships in our activities, thereby sharing a unified vision of our voices with a sense of dedication to public service. Be it resolved, as it is hereby resolved, that we are more than ever determined to more forward and be the strong voice for hope and the aspirations of the people of this region. To this end, we reiterate the official acknowledgement of Angeles "Jelly" Carandang, as the officially elected NaFFAA Illinois Chair and welcome her to the Regional Board. Signed: Signed hard copies are on file with the Regional Chair Addi Batica, Chair, NaFFAA Minnesota (Sgd) Roel Campos, Chair, NaFFAA Iowa (Sgd) Jelly Carandang, Elected Chair, NaFFAA Illinois (Sgd) Willie Dechavez, Chair, NaFFAA Michigan (Sgd) Amy del Mundo MD, Chair, NaFFAA Indiana (Sgd) Vilma Helms PhD, Chair, NaFFAA Ohio (Sgd) P. Emraida Kiram, Vice Chair, NaFFAA Region 3 (Sgd) Philip McRoberts, NaFFAA Region 3 Youth Chair (Sgd) Eduardo Navarra, Chair, NaFFAA Region 3 (Sgd) Fe San Agustin, Treasurer, NaFFAA Region 3 (Sgd) Vicky Villareal MD, Chair, NaFFAA Kentucky (Sgd) A. Vinluan MD, Chair, NaFFAA Wisconsin (Sgd)

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