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Dec 07th
Nene Pimentel's Remarks at the Kapihan sa Rembrandt PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 21 May 2010 09:46
Tidbits Nene Pimentel Rembrandt May 21, 2010 1. ON PPCRV. The PPCRV needs reminding that it is the people’s eyes and ears on the conduct of the automotive election system. It must not keep its findings in the vaults of secrecy that tend to augment public anxiety over reported anomalies in the 2010 elections. Otherwise, their very act of keeping things close to their chest, will fuel speculation that they want to cover up for the misdeeds of certain people. One specific example that does not need IT experts is the recovery of several sacks of ERs and other election paraphernalia from a dumpsite and a junk shop in Cagayan de Oro. Why are the people not told of what they have found – so far. They do not need to jump into conclusions. All that the people want is that they are kept abreast with the doings of the PPCRV – which is supposed to be the people’s eyes-and-ears on the conduct of the 2010 elections. 2. On Canvassing. I would assume that the presidential & VP canvassing board (Senate and House) would do its work fast enough so that it is not perceived as if it is acting to delay the proclamation of the rightful winners and perhaps negotiate concessions. In the process, I dispute the statements of the Senate President as if he can dictate to the Canvass Board what should be discussed during the canvassing. Only the Rules democratically adopted may prevent senators and congressmen from raising questions relative to the results of the elections – not the peremptory, authoritarian, martial law style, proclamations of the Senate President. I support his stand that so-called valedictory speeches of outgoing senators or congress persons need not be a part of the agenda of the canvassing board. To me, they’d just be self-adulatory and a time-wasting activity. 3. COMELEC, PCOS & SMARTMATIC. The Comelec officials who had anything to do with PCOS machines and the Smartmatic operators who assured the nation of the flawless results of the AES should be called to account with proper evidence for anomalies unearthed in the aftermath of the elections. They should be charged criminally, administratively and civilly. 4. The Comelec has had a reputation for covering up for the misdeeds of their subordinates in the past. I hope that today the Comelec commissioners should help unmask the perpetrators of acts of manipulations of the machines or other election related activities; charge them administratively, suspend them immediately; prosecute them subsequently and jail them accordingly. # # #

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